A New Day.
A New Hope.
A New Blessing.


Research suggests that “hope is not just a feel-good emotion, but a dynamic cognitive motivational system,” and we motivate our clients every step of the way. With the power of HOPE, clients can achieve any and all personalized goals, and have high levels of substantial growth in the reunification and family building process.

Mission Statment

Contracted with the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Probation Adminstration, our mission is to provide a blessing of hope to all of our clients, and empower and inspire them to achieve all personalized goals and substantial growth in every area of their life. 

Vision Statement

To become a leader in Child Welfare Services by inspiring and helping families in our community reach their full potential through our innovative services, faith, and a personalized approach.





A Blessing of Hope operates in a unique way. We inspire our clients to think BIG! Everything that we do from the top down is bigger than we are. Our staff do not show up to work just for themselves; we show up to accomplish specific goals tailored to meeting the needs of the families in our communities. We know our WHY! Having an inspirational mindset makes this possible in our organization.


Accountability is key to our success at A Blessing of Hope. We hold ourselves and our clients accountable to the goals that we set from day one. Success in cases does not come by accident – we believe that when we have great accountability from management down that positive results are inevitable! We make sure that we are disciplined and accountable to do the things that we say we are going to do. There is a reason why we are one of the leaders in Family Services!


Great communication is vital in Child Welfare, and when there are breakdowns in communication, results can be hindered. Our goals at A Blessing of Hope are so huge for our clients that we value great transparency and communication with key stakeholders on a case, so that our quality of work is shown, and so our clients continue to move closer to achieving their goals.


We only hire people who want to make an impact and are growth-oriented. When our team is aligned on our mission, goals, and opportunities to improve, everyone is bound to win. We approach all of our goals from a “WE” perspective. Our organization is set up where everyone has a voice.  We are only as successful as everyone on our team!

The WHY in what we do here at A Blessing of Hope. We focus on the process, which leads to great results.

Juvenile Probation Officer

"My client used to have a very sad and defeated attitude. Since I have implemented A Blessing of Hope, she is excited about what is going on in her life and feels like she has control again. I just can't sing enough praises. They are my new favorite and I will definitely be making another referrals."

DHHS Child Family Service Specialist

"We are so thankful to have you guys in Omaha! The documentation, the communication, and the service delivery is always the best! A Blessing of Hope is my fav!!

Juvenile Justice Resource Supervisor

" I just wanted to share how impressed I am with the documentation for FSW services that are provided by the A Blessing of Hope staff.  I was able to review a number of completed Provider Reports.  Your Provider reports are excellent examples of detailed, relevant summaries of contact with Probation youth and family. Thank you for being a valued partner with our office. Keep up the GREAT WORK!I" 

Kinship Foster Parent

"I just want to say how appreciative I am of the visitation workers that come to my house for visits at this company. They all conduct themselves so professionally, so thank you so much!I am sure it is sometimes a tough profession." 

Current ABOH employee

"I like how ABOH culture grows with the needs of the clients and employees. I enjoy working at ABOH!" 

DHHS Child Family Service Specialist

"Thank you all for making sure my families are taken care of like I would do. It's good to see that. I hope it helps to know due to all of this yall are my first point of contact, and right now for family support and visits yall are my only company on any of my cases! Let all the workers know that I appreciate each of them and appreciate them keeping me up to date on things!" 

DHHS Child Family Service Supervisor

'We have had such an amazing experience using your services, we can see how much y'all care about families!

DHHS Child Family Service Supervisor

"Thank you so much for everything y'all have done. Your willingness to go above and beyond for our families does not go unnoticed. I am appreciative of this company and the services provided."

DHHS Child Family Service Specialist

"I just want to say that this is the best documentation from a visitation company that I have ever seen!"

DHHS Child Family Service Specialist

"I really appreciate how hard y'all work and how much y'all care about your families! I've never had a visitation company work so hard to work through problems and refuse to give up on families. Thanks for all y'all do!"

Current ABOH Employee

"I love working for ABOH and can't picture working anywhere else!"

Foster Parent

"I have been a foster parent for a long time, and have worked with many different visitation companies. A Blessing of Hope has been the best company we have worked with. We love how organized y'all are, and the communication is always consistent. We are thankful. " 

Current Family Support Specialist

"I love working for ABOH! I honestly hope to retire from this company when my time comes!"

Juvenile Probation Officer

"I was able to meet with my juvenile probation youth last week. I am SOOO SO impressed with his grades!! His progress from failing all classes to passing four is incredible! Attendance is still something I need to work on with him...but one step at a time! Your great work with him has been showing!" 

Current Family Support Specialist

I can't say enough good things about our leadership here at ABOH! I'm grateful for all of you!


Current Family Support Specialist

"ABOH Leadership already does a fantastic job of creating a welcoming and positive workplace environment!"


Our Services

 Through encouragement, guidance, and a personalized approach, our clients will know that they’re valued through the support services we offer.

In Home Family Support


Out Of Home Family Support

Parenting Time-Supervised Visitation

Private Pay Visitation Services

In Home Safety


Drug Testing Services

IFP (Intensive Family Preservation)


IFR (Intensive Family Reunificaiton)

The Areas In Nebraska We Serve


Northern Service Area

Southeast Service Area

Central Service Area

Eastern Service Area

Parenting Time Centers

 Lincoln Center (Headquarters) – 7160 S 29th St, STE 10, Lincoln, NE 68516

Grand Island Center – 1233 N Webb Rd, STE 120, Grand Island, Ne 68803

Omaha Center – 4936 S 114th st, Bay 4938, Omaha, Ne 68137



Want to know why our employee retention is so high?

– Great Pay & Benefits 

– No egos here, we respect and value our staff, and everyone has a voice.

 – Weekly Prayer call. This is optional, but a great opportunity if you ever need prayer. An agency that prays together, stays together!

– Since we value relationships, every new employee is placed in a city group with current employees so they can create bonds and build new friendships that will last a lifetime! 

– Technology is our driver. With our system, our company is intergrated and no matter which city in Nebraska you live in, you will think you know everyone in our company!

– We know how to have fun! Trust me, you will love where you work, and you will get to help people. What is better than that? And If you get hired, ask the staff about the free snacks you get that is stocked weekly!

Are you ready to join 70+ staff members? Click “Apply Now” to see our current openings. 


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