DHHS Child Family Service Specialist

"I just want to say that this is the best documentation from a visitation company that I have ever seen!"

Juvenile Probation Officer

"My client used to have a very sad and defeated attitude.  Since I have implemented A Blessing of Hope, she is excited about what is going on in her life and feels like she has control again. I just can't sing enough praises. They are my new favorite and I will definitely be making other referrals."

DHHS Child Family Service Specialist

"I really appreciate how hard y'all work and how much y'all care about your families! I've never had a visitation company work so hard to work through problems and refuse to give up on families! Thanks for all y'all do!"

DHHS Child Family Service Supervisor

"We have had such an amazing experience using your services, we can see how much y'all care about families!"

DHHS Child Family Service Supervisor

"Thank you so much for everything y'all have done. Your willingness to go above and beyond for our families does not go unnoticed. I am appreciative of this company and the services provided."

Kinship Foster Parent

" I just want to say how appreciative I am of the visitation workers that come to my house for visits at this company. All conduct themselves professionally. And also the ones that pick up the kids, when I ask for their work ID, etc. Thank you so much! I am sure it is sometimes a tough profession"


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