Family Support

Family Support Service is defined as the provision of face-to-face assistance, coaching, teaching, and role modeling by a trained professional in the family home or community based setting.

When the child(ren) remain placed in their home, the purpose of Family Support Service is to assist with the prevention of out-of-home placement of the child(ren) by maintaining and strengthening family functioning, and alleviating stresses in the home.

When the child(ren) are placed out of home, the purpose of Family Support Service is to assist with the preparation of the natural family, including the child(ren) in out of home placement, for the return of the child(ren) to the home.

Family Support Service promotes child and family well-being, enhances the protective factors through increased knowledge of parenting and child development, builds personal resilience by helping parent(s) and/or family members overcome obstacles, promotes meaningful social connections, provides concrete support, and encourages social and emotional competence.



Intensive Family Preservation + Intensive Family Reunification

 (IFP) + (IFR) provides intensive therapeutic and skill-building interventions between a mental health therapist and skillbuilder to a specific target population of families.

Intensive Family Preservation aims to keep children at home in a safe, stable, and nurturing family environment, improve parenting capacity, family functioning, children’s well-being, and prevent unnecessary placement.

The goal is also to safely facilitate the reunification of children with their families and help remove any safety threats.

This service is designed to create rapid, sustainable change in the family unit by focusing on interventions that build on family strengths in order to eliminate safety threats and/or reduce the risk of child maltreatment.


Parenting Time/Supervised Visitation


Service is defined as supervised and monitored visits between parents and their children that are long enough in length to promote parent-child attachment.

The safety and best interests of the children involved are the primary considerations.

Parenting Time/Supervised Visitation Workers engage, teach, and role model nurturing parenting practices during the supervision of Parenting Time.

Parenting Time/Supervised Visitation Service is provided in the family home whenever possible; or in the least restrictive, most home-like community based setting that meets the needs for safety and that improves the stability of family members and the family unit.

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